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Bonfire night forecast

If you are heading out to a Bonfire night celebration this evening, then you will need to wrap up warm. It is going to be a chilly evening with temperatures overnight nudging towards zero.

Monday afternoon Credit: ITV Central/Met Office

This afternoon there will be lots of blue skies with long sunny spells. Some rain may drift in off the Lincolnshire coast, but for the rest of the region it will be dry, but cool with a maximum temperature of 8 or 9 celsius.

Tonight Credit: ITV Central/Met Office

Tonight under clear skies temperatures will drop away to near freezing with patches of mist developing in places. It should remain dry.

Tomorrow Credit: ITV Central/Met Office

Tomorrow the cooler air will move away and be replaced with slightly milder, and moister air. This will mean widespread showers across the region during the day and a fair amount of cloud. Temperatures will reach a maximum of 10 celsius.

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