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British student shot by extremist group whilst in Pakistan

The bright white mark to the left of the nose shows the bullet surgeons removed Photo: BMI Hospital Edgbaston

A 22 year old student is recovering in hospital in Birmingham after being shot by an extremist group during a family visit to Pakistan.

Ummad Farooq and five other members including his brother and father were shot at close range by two men on a motorbike in October.

2 days before the incident Ummad had been celebrating his brother's wedding in Karachi.

His brother died at the scene.

The bullet deformed as it embedded itself into Ummad Farooq's skull Credit: ITV Central

Ummad, who is studying for an MBA, was flown back to the UK for his safety and to undergo an operation to have the bullet removed.

Surgeons from Birmingham performed a rare operation usually used to remove tumours to take the bullet out via the nasal passage. Doctors say he was very lucky to have survived the attack.

Ummad believes his family were targeted because they are members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community - a community that believes in peace.

His father remains in a critical condition in Pakistan. Ummad says his family are being kept in a safe house for their protection. He says it is too dangerous for him to be with them.

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