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Police and Crime Commissioners - how will we vote?

Voting opens for the Police & Crime Commissioner on Thursday 15th November Photo: PA

When the Midlands goes to the polls to elect Police and Crime Commissioners next Thursday November 15th they will find they can express a first and second preference for who should be elected.

It's called the Supplementary Vote system and is the one currently used to elect the London Mayor.

On the ballot paper you mark who is your FIRST choice for elected commissioner and who is your SECOND preference.

In round one all FIRST preferences are counted and the two candidates with the most FIRST PREFERENCE votes overall go through to the second round.

The other candidates are eliminated. At this point the SECOND preferences on the papers of the ELIMINATED candidates are looked at and distributed.

It could of course mean that the candidate who came second after round one - wins through on the night.

The biggest concern for organisers though is not whether people will understand how to vote but whether they will even bother to turn out on a gloomy November day.

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