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Turning much milder, messy week!

Bridge in Coventry Photo: William Round

The weather situation should feel quite dramatically different tomorrow with temperatures leaping a good 6 or 7 degrees up on today's values.

The rest of this afternoon sees things turn increasingly wet from the west as a frontal system pushes through. The rain will be quite heavy at times and could be quite persistent, but as it moves in, it introduces much milder air so values steadily increasing during the day, up to 10c 50f at best through the East Midlands; 11 or 12c 54f in the West Midlands.

Feeling pleasant in the West Midlands later on, if you see any brighter breaks behind the front.

By mid to late evening, most places should have dried out. Then overnight it will be much, much milder than last night, around 8 or 9c with a bit of a breeze. Cloudy though, with mist and hill fog forming, and that's the pattern for the next few nights.

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