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Lincolnshire haulage firm goes to extreme lengths to save money

The vehicle is 25.25 metres long, and only two people at Denby are qualified to drive it Photo: ITV Central

With another petrol price increase planned for January one company in Lincolnshire is going to extreme lengths to try and save money.

The haulage firm in Lincoln are trialling a lorry that's just over 25 metres long, standard HGV's in the UK are between 16 and 19 metres.

The vehicle is 25.25 metres long, and only two people at Denby are qualified to drive it.

The lorry is so long that it can't legally be driven in England.

In order to move this vehicle in the UK, which is around six metres longer than the average HGV, it has to be split into two and driven separately.

When driven as a whole there's a special axle in the middle that enables the driver to steer it.

"The only difference is it's longer, and it pivots in two places. Other than that once you've got used to it it's no trouble at all. It will go anywhere that a normal artic will"

– Terry Rose, Driver

Denby are currently trialling this vehicle in the Netherlands where it can be legally driven - as it enables them to transport more goods on each trip.

And with the cost of petrol planned to go up again in January - they hope it could eventually save them a lot of money on fuel.

"It uses more fuel than a standard truck, but the additional capacity between fifty five and sixty percent more than covers that, so the unit cost comes down lets say fifteen percent."

– Dick Denby, Non-Executive Chairman

Bosses at this company say although they can legally drive this vehicle in several countries abroad, its future in the UK is as yet unclear.

But as todays customers are more interested in space than weight, this long lorry could become the norm in the future.