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Give extra time to travel this morning with fog in parts

It's advisable to leave extra time for your journey in the fog Photo: ITV Central

Fog is an issue across the Midlands this morning with visibility less than 100m in some locations, causing travel issues. It's advisable to leave extra time for your journey.

The fog is likely to thicken rather than lift this morning due to the sun being so weak this time of year, there just isn't the energy to clear the low cloud.

Parts of Lincolnshire will hold onto the fog for much of the day, further west we will eventually see some brighter spells.

It will feel cool everywhere today but especially under the thicker cloud in the east.

Tonight once again the fog patches will reform and it will be a dry but murky night.

As the wind picks up tomorrow the mist and fog will clear much faster than today meaning we will end the week on a brighter note.

That will all change on Saturday when a cold front travels south eastwards bringing a spell wet weather for us all.

Sunday is looking much drier and sunnier but it will feel cold!

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