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Latest weather: a mixed weekend ahead

Rainfall Radar - showing the rain tonight and tomorrow Photo: ITV Weather


We have another cloudy day on the way, it won't be quite as misty as it has been but still very grey with outbreaks of light rain on and off. It will feel cool with temperatures struggling into double figures.

Tonight a weather front will start making progress into the region bringing more cloud and rain.

It's moving in from the north-west and will travel south and eastwards overnight and through the day tomorrow.

It will hit the West Midlands first before arriving in the East Midlands by breakfast time tomorrow.


This leads us into a wet start to the day tomorrow as that rain continues it's journey south through the morning.

Northern locations will gradually see drier and brighter conditions appearing through the afternoon but eastern areas will hold onto the cloudy and wet weather through much of the day.

Temperatures reaching 9c. With the clearing skies behind that front temperatures will dip tomorrow night we can expect temperatures close to freezing even in towns and cities and a widespread ground frost.


In complete contrast to the rest of this week Sunday is looking dry and sunny but very cold.

It's a return to wet and windy conditions for the start of next week.

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