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Last of the frosty nights.

Topsy the chocolate labrador, camouflaged in the autumn leaves. Photo: Stuart Farmer, Shrewsbury

It’s a one day only offer of high pressure for us today giving us wall to wall sunshine for much of the rest of the afternoon. Little breeze, touch of high level cloud around later but nothing much, highs 8 or 9c, 48f at best.

The sun is very low in the sky at this time of year and can be blinding, especially if salt from overnight gritting turns your windscreen opaque and reflection distorts vision - drivers beware. Sunset tonight is 4.06pm.

Tonight, mostly dry and clear. Thicker cloud pushing into NW of the region, possibly some rain there later. Further east, much clearer, temperatures 2 or 3c, low enough for touch of ground frost. Lowest in the east.

Tonight will be the last of the frosty nights for a while, the coming week looking much milder by night.

Frosty Walsall Country Park. Credit: Chris Perry

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