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Boxing victory and baby on the way: Double joy for Carl Froch

Froch celebrating after the fight Photo: PA

Nottingham boxer Carl Froch was celebrating last night after retaining his IBF super middleweight World title and announcing that his partner, Rachael Cordingly is 4 months pregnant with their second child.

In the ring, Froch faced challenger Yusaf Mack, a 32 year old from Pennsylvania. It was a short, one sided fight, with Froch looking every bit as in form as when he destroyed the highly rated Lucien Bute in May.

Round one saw Froch immediately on the front foot, with Mack backing off. In fact, the only time he wasn't backing off was when he was on the floor, having been on the receiving end of a series of quick fire punches. This was a sign of what was to come, although the second round was more cautious. But even so, as the round drew to a close, both boxers traded shots and it was those coming from Froch that had the greater accuracy as Mack increasingly failed to deliver on his promise of intelligent boxing.

Round three lasted just two minutes and thirty seconds. Froch had been delivering body blows with increasing venom, and Mack – who had lost weight to drop down to the super-middle weight division – was clearly struggling to cope wth the onslaught. Eventually, with Carl sensing an early victory he landed first a stinging punch to the ribs with his right, and then another with his left. Mack, now winded and unable to defend himself took a vicious shot to the right of his head and moments later he hit the canvas. He stayed there long beyond the count.

"I was surprised, it came a little earlier than I thought it would, but having said that I was landing some heavy shots, he stayed in range and I backed them up. He didn't move as much as I thought he would and if he is going to sit in front of me he is gonna take them kind of hits, and not many people can take them, certainly not around the body"

– Carl Froch

At the end of the press conference Carl confirmed that his partner Rachael, who is always one of his most vocal supporters at ringside, was four months pregnant. He finished by joking that she 'isn't fat'. Luckily, she saw the funny side and told Central Tonight's sport correspondent she was just pleased to have Carl back after his intense 12 week training regime.

Carl's next challenger is not yet confirmed, although it is almost certain Froch has had his last fight at the Nottingham Arena, home to many of his greatest success as a bigger venue is now required. And with that the chance of a bout at the home of his beloved Nottingham Forest now becomes a clear possibility.