Breezy start to the week. Goodbye sunshine!

St Nicholas Park, Warwick
St Nicholas Park, Warwick Photo: Tony Watson

We will be losing any brightness today as a cold front sweeps across the region.

Monday morning weather
Some brightness in the east. Credit: ITV Central

At first it might be quite bright through the East Midlands, just high level cloud around this morning, not too gloomy. Cloudier however in the West Midlands as the front starts in.

Monday afternoon weather
Rain pushing eastwards, drying up in the west by evening. Credit: ITV Central

During the afternoon, it will push eastwards, weakening as it does so, so the western side of the region will dry up by this evening. We're in the milder sector today so temperatures around 10 or 11c 52f, but lower further east in places like Nottingham, nearer 9c there. More of a breeze than yesterday too.

weather outlook
Milder nights, no frosts. Credit: ITV Central

Tuesday will start off breezy and mild with outbreaks of rain..

The front clears on Tuesday night so drier on Wednesday. Brighter, especially in the east. Lots of sun. Breezy, but mild.

Bit misty overnight, then Thursday sees little change. More cloud around, but still dry and breezy, slightly cooler air blowing in off the continent.