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West Midlands drivers urged to drive below 20mph in built up areas

West Midlands drivers are being asked to drive at 20mph in built up areas Photo: PA

A campaign is being launched today in the West Midlands, calling on drivers to slow down to 20mph or below in communities. The road safety charity, Brake, are also appealing for 20mph limits in built up areas.

The charity say this will allow children and families to walk and cycle without their lives being endangered.

As part of their GO 20 campaign, Brake and partners Brain Injury Group and Specsavers have released a survey of 440 children in the West Midlands on the dangers of traffic.

  • 75% say drivers need to slow down around their home and school
  • 68% say they would walk and cycle more if roads were safer
  • 42% say they have been hit or nearly hit while walking or cycling.

A 20mph limit is already in place in city centres in Coventry and Wolverhampton. Birmingham City Council are currently considering similar proposals.