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Assistance dog saves the life of her partner for the second time

Millie, an assistance dog from Canine Partners Photo: ITV Central

Millie, a black Labrador from Canine Partners, is an assistance dog for Paul McKenzie from Staffordshire.

He has severe neuropathy and Type 1 diabetes and can collapse if his blood suger levels are too low or high.

Millie and Paul Credit: ITV Central

An emergency Lifeline button is installed in Paul's house that Millie has been trained to press, if Paul becomes unconscious.

When Millie pressed the button, the team at Lifeline tried to speak to Paul but after hearing nothing for a minute they called an ambulance. Paramedics found Paul on the floor, unconscious, with low blood sugar levels.

Mille presses the emergency Lifeline button Credit: ITV Central

Millie is trained to assist Paul around the house with tasks such as fetching the post, opening doors and taking his shoes and socks off.

"The whole point is for that dog to really transform that persons life and I think we can safely say that Millie has done that in a major way and saved Paul's life on two occasions."

– Jenny Moir, Canine Partners