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Wet and windy weather

It has been a very wet morning across the Midlands Photo: ITV Central
Rainfall radar - showing the rain spreading south and eastwards today Credit: ITV Central

It's been a very wet morning across the Midlands but the rain is gradually clearing away south and eastwards leaving us with drier and brighter conditions for this afternoon. Eastern areas will hold onto the rain for longest but for the rest of us it's a case of a few showers and sunny spells with lighter winds. Temperatures will reach 9/10c so feeling cool.

This evening will be dry but we're keeping our eye on the next band of rain moving in the from the west that will make headway into the West Midlands overnight. It will be cooler than last night with lows of 6c.

Chart showing the rain moving in from the west and the tightly packed isobars illustrating the strong wind Credit: ITV Central

Tomorrow it's an east/west split across The Midlands first thing, with the east getting away with a cloudy but dry start. Further west the band of rain will start to edge eastwards and it will get really windy too. The Met Office has issued a Yellow Alert for the potential of localised flooding for Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Warwickshire. Everywhere will be windy, in more exposed areas we could see gusts of 60mph. Through the afternoon that rain will start creeping in the East Midlands giving us all a good soaking by tomorrow night.

The rain will clear through for Friday so a much drier, brighter day in prospect but it will feel cold with a widespread frost on Friday night.

Saturday will be a bright, cool day.

Sunday expect sunny spells and showers.

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