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Half a million pounds for Attenborough nature reserve

Attenborough Nature Reserve is to receive over half a million pounds funding Photo: ITV Central

Over half a million pounds has been secured at one of the Midlands best-loved nature reserves.

The aptly named Attenborough, after one of the country's best known naturalists Sir David is located between Nottingham and Derby.

The funding has been provided by a new initiative designed to safeguard wildlife habitats and create closer links with the local community.

The reserve creates new habitats and intalls remote cameras to film wildlife, Sir David Attenborough himself has visited and is a supporter of the place many young naturalists nurture their love of the outdoors.

The aim is to use the money to continue to encourage people to get involved with wildlife Credit: ITV Central

Access, Community and Education project known as the ACE project will be given a total investment of £560,000. The funding will be used on habitat enhancement, community engagement and education programmes, £379,000 of that is from the Heritage Lottery Fund as well as support from the Environment Agency and CEMEX UK.

The project will be completed over three years Credit: ITV Central

The aim is to complete the project over three years and the hope is to encourage groups of people who do not usually visit nature reserves to visit as well as to entice greater numbers of volunteers.

Speaking about the new project, Wildlife Trust Chief Executive John Everitt said:

"In 2013 Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust will celebrate its 50th Anniversary and it is fitting that we are now able to announce that the future of Attenborough Nature Reserve, the site that provided the catalyst for the Wildlife Trust to be formed, looks bright thanks to a wonderful new project and tremendous support from the Heritage Lottery Fund."

– Wildlife Trust Chief Executive John Everitt