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Children's Air Ambulance will save many more lives

The Children's Air Ambulance have joined forces with Glenfield hospital Photo: ITV Central

A unique life saving service started today at Leicester's Glenfield hospital. The Children's Air Ambulance have joined forces with the unit's mobile ECMO team.

They'll provide a fast track service for young patients with life threatening heart and lung conditions.

ECMO stands for Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation. The ECMO machine is attached to a child or baby , and acts as an artificial lung by oxygenating the blood outside the body, until the lungs are strong enough to function on their own.

This is the only mobile unit in England and will be a resource for paediatric intensive care centres across the country.

It will dramatically reduce the time it takes for specialist teams to get from A to B, and will save the lives of many more babies and children.

However if the governments plans to restructure the way heart services are delivered go ahead, and the Glenfield Heart Surgery Unit is closed, then this service will also disappear from Leicester.