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Fine day. Snow for a time tonight.

Long Horned cattle on a cold morning in Leicestershire. Photo: Syd Spence, Loughborough

It may look fine now, but we are in for a very tricky period of weather tonight. Let me explain.

Rain is going to push across between midnight and 3am tonight and we expect it to turn wintry, particularly at higher levels. The Peak District and parts of Lincolnshire will be affected by wintry showers, but anywhere south of that should get away with it. The snow showers will turn back to rain before Monday morning rush hour, so it's a transient spell of wintry weather and will particularly affect people whose job it is to be on the roads at night.

This morning then dawns bright, frosty and sunny for many of us. Watch for icy stretches. Also, a little more cloud in the west which will turn things hazy later, but not spoiling the day too much. Feeling bitterly cold though, 3 or 4c at best. Time to layer up!

Tonight, in comes the band of rain and snow showers, pushing west to east.

Rain turning to snow from midnight to 3am, then back to rain again. Credit: ITV Central

Monday morning will start wet therefore, the East Midlands staying wet for most of the day. The West drying up a touch later, with sunshine and showers here, tops 8c - not that you'll notice because it will be windy.

Tuesday will be showers in the West Midlands, drier further east. 6c 43f tops but feeling colder again with the wind chill.

Wednesday will play out very similar to Monday, a band of showery rain moving through with showers & sunny spells following on behind. Cold and windy, tops 5c 41f.

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