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This week: changeable, often windy. Rain at times.

Frosty whiskers! Photo: John Dunstan

Well after a night of mixed weather this morning starts cloudy with light rain and drizzle.

Cloudy with light rain and drizzle. Credit: ITV Central
Brighter but breezy. Credit: ITV Central

Things will however brighten from the SW with lots of dry, bright weather around for the afternoon, temperatures feeling colder with the wind chill.

Wintry showers midweek. Credit: ITV Central

Tuesday sees sunshine and scattered showers. It will be breezy.

Rain from the north drops southwards on Tuesday night introducing colder air for Wednesday slo one or two wintry showers midweek. Still some brightness though.

Then on Thursday, after a cold, frosty start, it will cloud over from the NW as the next Atlantic system approaches bringing us wind and rain.

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