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Wintry sunshine

Braunstone Town, Leicester Photo: Bob Merrall

There's alot of wintriness in the forecast - well it IS the season! But also alot of sunshine for the Central region, and the rest of this afternoon is no exception.

Feeling jolly cold out there today, temperatures well down on yesterday's values around 6 or 7c 45f, but dry, bright and sunny for most of us. Odd showers may run inland on the wind and it will be quite breezy.

The first part of the night will prove mainly clear and cold with a widespread frost and this is when the lowest temperatures will occur, around freezing to plus 1c.

After midnight, an occluded front returns, dropping southwards and the rain on it could turn to icy stretches as it falls on already cold ground. There might also be 2cm or so of snow at higher levels, over the Peak District, the Malvern Hills and parts of Lincolnshire. Certainly the risk of rain turning wintry on the back edge as it drops southwards.

This front should have cleared by tomorrow, so a bright, crisp start beckons, wintry showers blowing in across the Lincs coast and increasingly likely to turn wintry the further inland they get.

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