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Charity looking for puppy foster parents

Ollie the labrador puppy Photo: Canine Partners

Training facility Canine Partners which trains dogs to assist disabled people has opened a new centre in the Midlands and they are looking for 'puppy parents'.

The charity in Leicestershire is currently looking for people who live within an hours drive of the centre to look after the puppy's for a year while they are trained.

The work these dogs do cannot be underestimated, one of the trainees from Canine Partners recently saved the life of its owner.

Lexi is one of the puppy's at the new centre Credit: ITV Central

Millie, a black Labrador from Canine Partners, is an assistance dog for Paul McKenzie from Staffordshire.

He has severe neuropathy and Type 1 diabetes and can collapse if his blood suger levels are too low or high.

Millie, an assistance dog from Canine Partners with owner Paul Credit: ITV Central

An emergency Lifeline button is installed in Paul's house that Millie has been trained to press, if Paul becomes unconscious.

When Millie pressed the button, the team at Lifeline tried to speak to Paul but after hearing nothing for a minute they called an ambulance. Paramedics found Paul on the floor, unconscious, with low blood sugar levels.

For more information on Canine Partners see the website.