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Coldest night of winter so far

A frosty lake in Leamington Spa Photo: Dave Atkinson

Tonight, we are on course for it to be the coldest night of the winter so far. We have previously recorded lows of minus 5c this season, and I believe we will match that tonight.

For the rest of this afternoon, continuing to feel raw as we find ourselves trapped in this biting, Arctic airflow. Mostly dry across the region, bright and sunny until the sun goes down, wintry showers giving approximately 6cm of snow across Lincolnshire, nearer 2cm further inland.

Strongest winds through the East Midlands, near the coast.

Canadian geese and a duck on the ice in Eastwood Credit: Steve Adams

Although our highs reach 4c today, they are fairly irrelevant with the strong wind, and taking into account the direction from which it stems, it will feel more like minus 1 to minus 3c with the wind chill.

Tonight, showers die out in the east by the early hours and temperatures plummet. With lows of minus 4 or minus 5c we expect a widespread frost plus icy stretches; especially icy where we had showers earlier.

Wet tomorrow afternoon, with more wintry showers.

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