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Weather update

Trees reflecting off the water in the Midlands Photo: Howard Johnson

The weather is a bit of a challenge over the next 24 hours. Last night was indeed the coldest night this winter for some parts of the region, down to minus 6.1c in parts of Hereford & Worcester.

The rain is just starting in the NW of the Midlands, turning to snow above 200m, affecting the Derbyshire Peaks and parts of Staffordshire. Dry for the East Midlands for much of the rest of the day, but cloudy, tops 2 to 4c and staying windy.

This evening will get progressively wetter and the showers will be squally. After a few hours of steady rain, the precipitation will clear, and even though it won't turn as cold as last night, lows of freezing or thereabouts will be cold enough for icy stretches.

Beware! Odd sleety showers possible for the NE and NW Midlands.

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