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No 'gross failures' by staff who treated swine flu victim

Niyousha Haki pictured on a memorial website, Photo:

A coroner has found there were no gross failures or neglect by ambulance and medical staff who treated a 28-year-old woman who died after contracting swine flu.

Niyousha Haki was seen by three separate crews from West Midlands Ambulance service at her step father's home in Birmingham on the night of December 14th and 15th 2010.

She died in hospital the following day.

An inquest at Sutton Coldfield Coroner's Court heard that she died from pneumonia, as a result of contracting swine flu.

But she had also suffered liver damage from an accidental overdose of paracetamol, after taking tablets and over the counter medication to treat her flu symptoms.

Coroner Aiden Cotter said her death was a tragedy from which lessons should be learned.