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High pressure keeps weather settled

Frost will be a feature every night this week. Photo:

Pressure builds from today which will keep the midlands largely dry for at least three days. A few sleet or snow showers will skirt in from the North Sea each day and night for Lincolnshire and the Wolds.

Sunday night

A return to overnight frosts tonight. There will be a few wintry showers in the east leading to a dusting of snow in places by dawn. Elsewhere it will be dry, frosty with rural minimum temperatures of -4 c.

Monday morning

Fine, cold and sunny for most. Wintry showers will feed into eastern areas from the North Sea for a time.

Monday afternoon

It will feel chilly as winds continue to feed cold air across the midlands. Wintry showers will continue for some eastern parts leading to icy roads and pavements after dark.

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