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Muslim family facing racial abuse ordeal in Bingham

Racism left near the family house - much of which is too racist to publish Photo: ITV Central

A Muslim family say they're living in fear after a series of racist attacks since moving to the small market town of Bingham in Nottinghamshire.

The abuse began soon after the family, who do not wish to be identified, moved in last month. In the first attack, someone left a cross wrapped in ham at their doorstep - Muslims are forbidden to eat meat from pigs.

The latest incident happened yesterday morning when foul and abusive anti-Islam graffiti was daubed on a path leading to their home. Most of the racial abuse is too offensive to publish online.

The Father talking to ITV Central's Peter Bearne Credit: ITV Central

The father, who has two children aged 8 and 10, told ITV Central that he believes his family are the first Asians to move into the town. In the last three weeks, he says the family have also been sworn at in the street and had rocks hurled at their house.

Neighbours say they're disgusted by what's happened and say the attacks are not a true reflection of the people in Bingham.

Church leaders in the town are calling on the community to show a united front against racism.

Rev Richard Tanner – The Methodist minister Credit: ITV Central

"Everyone I've spoken to in Bingham is appalled, and I'd like to express our complete disgust that something like this should happen."

– Rev Richard Tanner – The Methodist minister

Nottinghamshire Police have arrested a 13 year old boy in connection with the grafitti. They have also questioned him about attacks on two Asian takeaway shops in the town centre. He has now been released on bail while enquiries continue.

Racist graffiti left near the family home Credit: ITV Central