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Latest weather: freezing cold

Turning cold this afternoon Photo: ITV Central

The bitterly cold weather continues as we move through the next few days. Many places this afternoon will enjoy some good spells of sunshine especially in the west. Further east in Lincolnshire we will see a few wintry showers. Everywhere is feeling cold because of the northerly airflow. You can see on the pressure chart low pressure sitting out to the east and the northerly wind flowing around it. Temperatures this afternoon will hit 5c.

Low pressure across Europe Credit: ITV Central

Tonight temperatures will tumble below freezing everywhere. We may well see lows of -5c in rural locations but even in towns and cities we're talking -2c. The showers on the coast will ease and most places will be dry with freezing fog patches.

Below freezing temperatures tonight Credit: ITV Central

In the West Midlands the fog patches will linger through much of the day meaning temperatures will struggle above freezing, they will clear much faster over in the east revealing some good spells of sunshine. Highs of 4c expected so feeling very cold.

A cold start to tomorrow Credit: ITV Central

Wednesday will be another foggy day to begin with but it should stay dry with some sunny spells. Overnight we'll catch some light rain that may cause icy conditions with the freezing temperatures.

Behind the rain it will be cloudy but dry for Thursday before more wet and windy weather sweeps through the region on Friday.

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