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On the menu: Pork pie soup

Pork Pie Soup Photo: ITV Central

A cafe owner from the Leicestershire town famous for its pork pies has come up with a new twist on the famous delicacy - pork pie soup.

Nigel Keep, who runs a coffee shop in Melton Mowbray, came up with the idea while lying in bed one night. The dish has already proved a big hit with his customers as a "winter warmer" in the run-up to Christmas.

The soup is a blended mix of pork pie meat and vegetables, although Mr Keep is keeping the recipe a closely-guarded trade secret. He makes use of the whole pie by topping off the dish with bits of crust instead of croutons.

Today there was a mostly positive response from the public, as ITV Central carried out a taste test on Melton Market Day. However, no-one we spoke to could identify the main ingredient, not even a market trader selling pork pies from his stall.