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Dogs Trust: Strangest reasons for giving up a dog

One of the dogs at a Dogs Trust centre Photo: Christine Lavelle/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The Dogs Trust has revealed some of the strangest excuses for dogs being handed in to their rehoming centres.

· "My dog doesn't look like what he did on the website"

· "The dog keeps barking at butterflies"

· "It hurts my back to pick up my dog's poop"

· "My dog doesn't match the sofa"

· "I need a smaller dog"

· "My dog can't walk on the lino in my house"

· "My dog keeps passing wind"

· "He wouldn't fit in my handbag or wear the outfit I bought him"

· "My dog doesn't like me" (after 24 hours)

· "He isn't as cute as when I first got him"

· "He can't do any tricks"

· "He snores really loudly"

· "He was too big for my house"

· "He keeps scaring the goldfish"

· "The dog gets too much attention"

· "He barked" (the potential adopters had only got to the carpark)

· "He smells, of dog"

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