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Dogs Trust: Midlands Christmas campaign begins

A Dogs Trust puppy Photo: PA Pictures

Dogs Trust is the UK's largest dog welfare charity. In the last twelve months it has cared for 16,000 dogs.

The well known phrase 'A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas' was coined by their Chief Executive Clarissa Baldwin and this Christmas, they are preparing for the influx of unwanted 'presents' that will be handed into the already overflowing rehoming centres.

A dog exercising at Dogs Trust Credit: PA Pictures

Today, they are releasing some of the strangest excuses they are given by people who return dogs to their rehoming centres.

Here are some of the excuses they are given:

  • "My dog doesn't look like what he did on the website"
  • "The dog keeps barking at butterflies"
  • "It hurts my back to pick up my dog's poop"
  • "My dog doesn't match the sofa"
  • "I need a smaller dog"
  • "My dog can't walk on the lino in my house"
  • "My dog keeps passing wind"
  • "He wouldn't fit in my handbag or wear the outfit I bought him"
  • "My dog doesn't like me" (after 24 hours)
  • "He isn't as cute as when I first got him"
  • "He can't do any tricks"
  • "He snores really loudly"
  • "He was too big for my house"
  • "He keeps scaring the goldfish"
  • "The dog gets too much attention"
  • "He barked" (the potential adopters had only got to the carpark)
  • "He smells, of dog"

They are not rehoming dogs between 22nd-29th December, this year, to stop people giving dogs as Christmas presents.

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