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Cat swallows six feet of tinsel from Christmas tree

The fully recovered Ginge with a veterinary nurse from the Stoke-on-Trent veterinary clinic Photo: PDSA

The life of a cat in Stoke-on-Trent has been saved after swallowing six feet of tinsel from a Christmas tree.

Vets quickly operated to remove the silver tinsel which was running from Ginge's mouth right down to his intestines.

Now, the two and a half-year-old cat has made a full recovery after vets at the PDSA PetAid hospital managed to remove two pieces of tinsel, each measuring three feet stuck in his throat and intestines.

Gine's owner Joanne MacLeod rushed her cat to the vets when he became lethargic and began to vomit.

“Ginge is a curious cat and likes shiny things! He had been chewing away at the silver thread on my scarf and also around the tinsel on the Christmas tree. When he started being sick and his personality changed, I knew something was wrong,”

Ginge's owner Joanne says she is keeping decorations away from him from now on Credit: PDSA

One of the vets who operated on the tinsel-loving cat said the tinsel could be seen at the back of his throat:

“Ginge had a bit of tinsel just visible at the base of his tongue, indicating that he might have swallowed some of it. We decided we needed to operate to find out if this was the case and found out Ginge had tinsel running from his tongue through to parts of his intestines. “We managed to remove a third of the tinsel by operating on Ginge’s intestines, and the rest we delicately removed through his mouth. He recovered very well and is now back to his old self.”

From now on Ginge's owner says she is keeping him away from anything festive to avoid a repeat visit to the vets:

“I’m now keeping Ginge well away from the Christmas tree and decorations. I can’t believe the amount of tinsel he swallowed, which the vet showed me when I came to pick Ginge up from the PetAid hospital. I’ve also thrown my scarf in the bin!”