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Travel safely this Christmas weekend

Drivers in the rain Photo: Steve Parsons/PA Archive/Press Association Images


Motoring organisations suggest leaving a few minutes to check your car before starting a winter journey.

  • Clean the lights

  • Pack extra warm and waterproof layers

  • Pack emergency rations of food and water in case of break down

  • Take a torch, charged mobile, atlas or sat-nav and toys to keep children entertained in case of delays.


Wet weather is forecast across the Midlands for the Christmas weekend, which could make driving conditions difficult with surface spray and standing water to deal with.

The AA suggests keeping speed down and leaving at least a three second gap between yourself and the vehicle in front.

Always use your headlights.


There are flood warnings in place for the River Severn in Worcestershire and the River Trent in Nottinghamshire. Keep up to date with the weather on the ITV Central website or with the Environment Agency.

Stay out of flood water as it is difficult to know how deep it is, and if driving through areas of standing water or puddles drive slowly and steadily, allow oncoming traffic to pass, and test brakes straight away. Even an egg cup of water can severely damage a car engine.


Traffic will be busy around big shopping centres in the Midlands, particularly at closing times, so avoid these areas if possible, and if travelling to the shops use park and ride facilities if they are available.