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Families condemn Worcestershire hospital failings

Alexandra Hospital, Redditch Photo: ITV Central News

Families of patients treated at a hospital in Worcestershire claim their relatives suffered appalling levels of care.

Legal action has been taken against Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust after claims that patients were left starving, dehydrated and left to wallow in their own excrement at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch.

In one of the worst cases, it is claimed an 84-year-old man starved to death in June 2009. Other instances include a man who was unable to feed himself, and whose nurses would simply take his uneaten food away, according to his daughter.

Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust has now issued written apologies to each of the families involved and agreed to pay compensation of £410,000, after accepting the standard of care it provided to elderly patients fell well short of the minimum.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he was "disgusted and appalled" to read the families' accounts saying the Department for Health would be "keeping a careful eye" on the situation.

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