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Clearing up after Monday

Well after the last of the rain has cleared today it's 'all change' on the weather front. Literally. No real problems with wind and rain after Monday.

Staying wet and windy for the rest of Sunday night into Monday morning - New Year's Eve morning - sustained wind speeds of 20-25mph, gusts 35-40mph in more exposed parts. Mild temperatures though the early hours of Sunday, around 7c.

Even on New Year's Eve morning we'll be into double figures! 10c, 50f. Very mild but wet and windy, worst through the West Midlands first thing, 25mph winds, gusting 35-40mph in exposed spots.

Winds drop –rain present Credit: ITV Central

During the afternoon, the heaviest rain pushes through the East Midlands. As it transfers eastwards the West Midlands will dry up behind it, but cooler air will pack in with the drier weather from the west later on. As the rain moves away though, the winds will ease.

Weather should be clear for fireworks Credit: ITV Central

By 7 or 8pm this evening, the worst of the rain will clear from the East Midlands and there should be a significant improvement for all parts of the Midlands up until midnight. Mostly dry, with the risk of an odd shower by midnight, especially around midnight. Generally clearer but quite chilly though, around 3 or 4c by The Bongs.

  • New Year's Day will be bright with sunny spells, feeling cool. Just the odd shower.
  • Wednesday - cool but cloudier as fronts try to move through an area of high pressure.
  • Thursday - cloudy but much milder. Mostly dry.
Dry start to 2013 Credit: ITV Central

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