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Flood waters have peaked

Worcester floods where children can be seen here feeding swans on South Quay, Worcester. Photo: Roger King

In spite of the weather calming down and drying up, flood waters are still high in parts of the region. The River Severn is one of those rivers that takes time to recede. Downstream of Worcester levels are dropping, but they are still high at Upton. Water levels have peaked around Shrewsbury and Ironbridge, though they may remain high for a couple of days.

A potent area of high pressure looks like staying in charge for the next couple of weeks, killing off much of the precipitation on any fronts that come through. So a mostly dry couple of weeks in prospect.

Wollaton Park, Nottingham, picture taken on New Year's Day Credit: James King

Tonight, cloud will be building and filling in any clearer breaks which may appear this evening. Not much mist or hill fog around; too breezy for that. Generally dry, with very mild temperatures, lows of 8 or 9c. Much milder than last night which was rather chilly.

Tomorrow is another cloudy one. A mild and moist feeling day. Lots of cloud around first thing, chinks of brightness, nothing much.

The cloud fills further into the afternoon so turning into an overcast day. Exceptionally mild highs, temperatures twice what they would normally be for this time of year around 12c 54f.

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