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A mild cloudy day

Today will be a mild, cloudy day with chunks of brightness Photo: ITV Central

After an exceptionally mild night - temperatures similar to daytime values - it's another cloudy, moist feeling, mild one today.

Lots of cloud around first thing, chinks of brightness, nothing much.

The weather will become fairly overcast during the day Credit: ITV Central

The cloud cover becomes more widespread into the afternoon so turning into a fairly overcast day. Exceptionally mild highs, temperatures twice what they would normally be for this time of year around 12c 54f.

Little changes this evening and pressure builds through Thursday and Friday. We will always find ourselves in the warm sector.

Friday brings with it a bit of brightness and unseasonably mild on Saturday Credit: ITV Central

Friday - bit of brightness, more broken cloud than we will have today.

Saturday - similar. Unseasonably mild for the time of year. Settled.

Sunday - a more active front comes through but the high pressure holds firm so the front falls apart as it comes up against it. There may be a little rain from this, but nothing too significant.

Temperatures look like starting to drop off again into next week.

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