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Family of Goa victim set to fly out to solve 'mystery'

Denyse Sweeney collapsed in a bar in Goa in April 2010. Indian police said she died from a drugs overdose, her family think it was murder Photo: Family photo

The family of a woman from Derby who died in India, say they are having to travel there themselves to find out what happened to her nearly 3 years after her death.

Denyse Sweeney collapsed in a bar in Goa in April 2010. Indian police said she died from a drugs overdose, but her family believe she was murdered.

Denyse from Derby, died three years ago in India Credit: Family photo

It is nearly three years since Denyse died in Goa. The 34-year-old from Derby who was doing volunteering work in the resort of Anjuna, collapsed in a bar. She was taken to hospital but died less than an hour later. Initially Indian police said she had died from an overdose. But toxicology tests later showed no traces of drugs or alcohol in her body.

Goa is a popular destination for backpackers Credit: ITV Central

"I do believe she was hit on the back of the head. From other tourists we know that this was either a large rock or a boulder. Possibly an argument beforehand. There were also serious wounding to her left side and that confirms as to the way she's fallen. And that again confirms what the tourists have told us."

– Maureen Sweeney

Since April 2010 Denyse's family, including her teenage son Ben, have launched the 'Justice for Denyse' campaign. Derbyshire police were later granted access to the Indian police files. And last Summer following a meeting with Foreign Office officials, hopes were raised when it emerged the Goan authorities were re-opening their investigation.

Denyse's family are set to fly out to India to try and find out more about her death Credit: ITV Central

Now Maureen and her sister Marion are planning to travel to India in the next couple of months to see if they can unearth any clues themselves.

"It's not something we are going to relish. It's actually going to be quite scary. we've been warned to be careful. That the police could try to get us into trouble. But we need to get out there to speak to people directly. We need to speak to the doctors. We need to speak to the police."

– Maureen Sweeney
Denyse's family say hope the trip to India with provide some closure for them Credit: ITV Central

As has been the case every year since her death, Christmas and New Year for Denyse's family has been a reminder that she is no longer here. But they are hoping this trip to India will help shed light on what really happened to Denyse, and finally provide some closure.

"We need to be able to grow and move on. And remember Denyse in the ways we want, instead of fighting for justice for her."

– Maureen Sweeney