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Quiet start to 2013. All change next week but staying mild.

High pressure brings us another mild, settled day. Photo: ITV Central

Our region is protected by an intense area of high pressure to the south of us, but it's a cloudy high and trapping alot of cover.

Friday morning will start as the night finishes - cloudy, with some cloud breaks, especially to the east of hills.

Sunrise over Morville near Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Credit: John Oates

Through this afternoon we'll see bright spells at times, mainly in the north and east of the East Midlands; anywhere in the West Midlands. Odd spot of light drizzle out of thicker cloud over hills; places like the Peak District may be affected. Generally dry and cloudy though. Moist SW airflow. Brightness will be limited but where the sun does get through, it will lift temperatures by a degree. Highs 12c 54f.

Long-tailed Tit in damp Kimberley. Credit: Steve Adams

Tonight the cloud fills in again and that's the state of play for the next few nights. Cloudy, lows holding up well, around 6 to 8c at lowest - no danger of any frosts!

Saturday and Sunday should be mostly cloudy but settled.

On Monday and Tuesday, rain is possible as fronts start to make some progress across the region. Always mild though.

Settled, mild, cloudy weekend. More unsettled next week but still mild. Credit: ITV Central

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