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Teens jailed for "shocking" knife attack on student

The picture shows Gurjyot Singh (left and far right) with Luke Timby (middle) Photo: West Midlands Police

Two teenagers have been sent to prison for stabbing a university student in Birmingham as he tried to rescue his girlfriend.

Gurjyot Singh aged seventeen, was sentenced to seven years for the unprovoked attack which left the 19-year-old student fighting for his life.

It happened outside student flats on Bristol Road in April. Luke Timby aged 15 from Winson Green was also jailed.

The trial at Birmingham Crown Court lasted four weeks. Because the case was so serious the judge took the decision to lift some reporting restrictions usually in place to protect the identities of children and young people.

Others involved in the attack have had their identities protected, a 15-year-old boy from Rednal and 14-year-old from Rubery were handed court orders while a 16-year-old girl from Bourneville is yet to be sentenced for her role in the attack.

The three-inch blade lock knife Singh was found carrying Credit: West Midlands Police

The attack happened in the early hours of April 27th, the court heard how the group had roamed the streets of Birmingham goading passersby after drinking earlier at one of the group's homes where Singh showed the group his three-inch blade lock knife.

Shortly before 1.00am the gang of five saw the 19-year-old university student from Surrey walking along Bristol Street with his girlfriend and two female friends after a night out.

The gang started to follow the group of friends and shout abuse at them, with a female member of the gang threatening to "batter" his girlfriend, the female gang member then grabbed her by the hair dragging her to the floor.

While on the ground the court heard how she repeatedly punched the female student before dragging her towards passing traffic.

The other four gang members attacked the 19-year-old male student, he managed to break free from them and release his girlfriend allowing her to run away.

It was then that gang member Timby restrained the male student as Singh stabbed him a total of five times, in the elbow, chest and abdomen. The court heard that the knife was plunged so deep that a vein near to his spine, leading from his heart had been severed.

Pursued by his attackers the student collapsed outside his student accommodation Credit: ITV Central

Despite his severe injuries the student managed to break free once more, pursued by his attackers he collapsed outside his student accommodation where the gang ran away. The court heard that Singh shouted "I've stabbed him".

After the student was taken to hospital, police arrested all five gang members within hours of the attack after studying CCTV.

Singh was arrested while carrying the knife on which the victim's DNA was found.

In sentencing the four male gang members Justice Judge Creed said:

“This was a shocking attack. The victim went to his girlfriends rescue and was set upon suffering life threatening wounds.

“You show remorse but no one showed concern for the victim on that night you simply ran away."

– His Justice Judge Creed