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A wintry blast heading for the Midlands

Bradgate Park, Leicestershire Photo: Nick Hall

It will turn colder over the next few days as we swap our misty, stagnant air for European, bitterly cold air from Scandinavia.

This may introduce some wintry showers to the Central region over the weekend, though it has to be said that there is still much uncertainty about the forecast period ahead of us in that regard.

West Midlands weather outlook over the weekend Credit: ITV Central

On Saturday we might see some wintry showers in the south of the region. The northernmost extent of an inbound system is uncertain. Dry in the North Midlands.

On Sunday, there may be some snow showers for easternmost counties of the East Midlands. Dry, fine, cold further west. Temps 2c.

On Monday, rain expected which may turn to snow as it hits colder air. Temps 2c.

East Midlands outlook over the weekend Credit: ITV Central

A very uncertain period after this. Next week generally looks like being cold with wintry weather in the east. Drier and brighter further west.

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