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Unemployed man uses sandwich board to seek employment in Nottinghamshire

Martin Bailey wearing a suit and a smile in hope of finding employment: Photo: ITV Central

An unemployed businessman and former civil servant has used his initiative and taken to the streets of Keyworth, Nottinghamshire, armed with a sandwich board in hope of being noticed by a future employer.

Martin Bailey has spent every rush hour for the last seven days wearing a sandwich board, which reads, 'Quality worker seeks job – honk if you can help.'

"I don't want to be unemployed. I thought I would show my initiative, get up first thing in the morning in the cold and get myself out there."

– Martin Bailey, Jobseeker
'Honk if you can help' may lead Martin to employment Credit: ITV Central

Martin decided to spend his redundancy money from the civil service on a fancy dress shop, which fell victim to the recession as sales figures plummeted.

Despite a rise in employment across the UK, over eight per cent of Midlanders are still unemployed – a figure higher than the national average.