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10 things you may not know about Aston Martin

Aston Martin through the years Photo: Aston Martin
One-77 hypercar is Aston Martin’s most exclusive, powerful and expensive car Credit: Aston Martin
  • The now sold-out One-77 hypercar is Aston Martin’s most exclusive, powerful and expensive production model to date
  • It took 2,700 man hours to produce each One-77
Aston Martin badge Credit: Aston Martin
  • There are 10 different versions of the iconic Aston Martin badge. The current one was introduced in 2003
  • The Aston Martin wings badge has its origins in ancient Egypt – derived from the open wings of the scarab beetle
10,000th Aston Martin Credit: AMHT
50,000th Aston Martin and the team that built it in Gaydon Credit: Aston Martin
  • In 100 years Aston Martin has produced just over 60,000 sports cars
Sean Connery with the DB5, made famous by the James Bond films Credit: Aston Martin
  • It is accurately estimated that more than 90% of all Aston Martins built are still in existence
Coal Scuttle Credit: AMHT
  • The first Aston Martin, named Coal Scuttle was built in 1914
Vanquish production line Credit: Aston Martin
  • The painting process for the current Aston Martin range takes between 50 and 70 hours per car
Aston Martin's engine plant Credit: Aston Martin
  • Aston Martin has manufactured cars from seven locations in the past 100 years
Aston Martin HQ, Gaydon Credit: Aston Martin
  • Aston Martin’s global HQ at Gaydon, the company’s first purpose-built home, celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2013