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Any more snow?

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It's staying bitterly cold as we move through this week but more settled than it has been with a few snow showers in the east. However it looks like we could see more significant snowfall this weekend.

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Snow showers are possible in eastern areas, especially across Lincolnshire. However the wind is fairly light so they shouldn't blow too far inland. However we can't rule out the odd isolated snow shower.

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For most of us it will remain dry, the best of the sunshine across the West Midlands. Everywhere will feel bitterly cold this afternoon with highs of 2c.

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Tonight any showers will ease and it will remain dry but very cold. Temperatures will dip to -7c in some locations. Expect a widespread ground frost and icy conditions.

Tomorrow will be freezing cold once again, like today snow showers may blow in from the North Sea into Lincolnshire. Many places will enjoy some good spells of sunshine through the afternoon but at this time of year it just isn't strong enough to help the temperatures which will hardly lift above freezing.

As we move through the rest of the week eastern areas will see a few snow showers and it will stay mostly dry in the west.

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We will enjoy some sunny spells although it will be cloudier on Friday. It will feel very cold throughout the week in the biting wind.

Saturday night into sunday could well bring more significant snowfall, we will keep you posted on that!

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