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Hospital sends 'heart-felt apologies' to baby's parents

Baby Brook only lived for three days Photo: Family photo

The chief executive of a hospital where a baby died at just three-days-old has offered her 'heartfelt apologies' to the little girl's parents.

Gemma Peters and Liam Greenfield say that midwives at Russells Hall Hospital failed to correctly monitor Brook's heart rate or call a doctor for help when no heart beat could be found. They are now taking legal action.

Eight-month-old Mille should be playing with her older sister as well as mum and dad but Brook only lived for 3 days. Her parents say that midwives at Russells Hall Hospital didn't help her soon enough when Brook's head became stuck, they didn't properly monitor her heartbeat and when she was finally born they didn't notice that she wasn't breathing.

Gemma Peters and Liam Greenfield Credit: ITV Central

"They just put her on me and they didn't notice that she wasn't breathing and I had to tell them. We were just left there, none of the midwives came back to tell us what had happened, what had gone wrong. It was just horrible."

– Gemma Peters

In a statement the trust have offered their most sincere condolences to Gemma Peters on the loss of baby Brook at just 3-days-old. They say that they have received a claim and that is in the hands of their legal team. But they say because of patient confidentiality they're unable to comment any further.

When Gemma fell pregnant again she was terrified of what might happen, so Millie's safe arrival at Birmingham Women's Hospital was a huge relief.

The couple's second daughter Millie Credit: ITV Central

"I was just like overjoyed. I was just so happy that she as finally here. All of the worrying that I'd done. Just to hear her cry was the best thing ever. Seeing Brook born and waiting to hear her cry, that's the thing you listen for, with Milie I just cried, when i heard it, was unbelievable."

– Gemma Peters and Liam Greenfield

Russells Hall Hospital says a thorough investigation has been carried out, lessons have been learned and action has been taken to ensure that a tragic incident like this never happens again.