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Staying safe in the snow

Here are your top tips for staying safe in the snow Photo: John Hughes

Here are your top tips for staying safe in the snow, courtesy of Midlands Air Ambulance.

  • More colds and coughs occur in winter - stay at home and drink plenty of fluids if you experience symptoms
  • Keep cold medications at home - also other basic first aid supplies
  • Use NHS Direct for non-emergency advice - available on 0845 4647 24 hours a day to provide help
  • Pharmacists can also advise you about minor medical problems
  • GP surgeries offer an emergency out-of-hours service - surgeries provide the number of a GP's emergency service if needed
  • Best way to keep warm is to stay active - a few gentle exercises at home can keep the blood flowing, take regular got meals and keep your home warm
  • Wash your hands regularly - hand hygiene is the best way to prevent infections from spreading
  • Check on elderly relatives or neighbours living alone

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