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Knife crime campaign

Knife crime campaign Photo: Katie Collins/PA Archive/Press Association Images

A West Midlands Police campaign gets underway today, to encourage people to report anyone who carries a weapon. 'Knives End Lives' will highlight the fact that if people don't report others who go about armed, they risk being jailed themselves.

As part of the campaign police will:

  • Install arches in schools and public transport depots which detect weapons
  • Deliver presentations in schools
  • Remind teachers of their powers to search students and how to do this safely
  • Use handheld detectors to search drivers
  • Remind shopkeepers of the laws on selling knives
  • Carry out undercover tests to see if shopkeepers check the ages of people buying knives

There were 2,237 knife crime offences in the whole of the West Midlands over the last year. By borough:

  • Birmingham 1,111 offences
  • Coventry 2011/2012 257 offences
  • Dudley 143 offences
  • Sandwell 277 offences
  • Walsall 136 offences
  • Wolverhampton 222 offences
Jay Sudra Credit: ITV News Central

Sonya Sudra is backing the campaign. Her brother Jay Sudra was stabbed to death in Erdington when he was 21.