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Meriden gypsy site protests: 1000 days on

Illegal bulldozing takes place on the site Photo:

Thursday 24th January 2013 - a thousand days on since green belt protesters began campaigning against an illegal gypsy site in Warwickshire.

Despite recent record levels of snowfall and floods in the area, protesters have maintained their non stop vigil to protest against the site.

Back in April 2010, 8 families in 17 caravans moved onto green belt land without planning permission. After illegally bulldozing the land, the gypsies have since lost all of their bids for approval in a battle with locals and the council.

The travellers have until March 31st 2013 to leave the site

In March last year, gypsies controlling the site lost a High Court battle and have to leave the site by March 31st 2013.

We will continue our fight until the green belt is restored.

– Mr McGrath, Chairman of protest group, Residents Against Inappropriate Development (raid)

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