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A blustery and showery start to the week

Monday morning Photo: ITV Central

This morning, beautiful sun across the region, better in the east, cloudier further west. By noon, light rain will reach the western side of the region, wind not too bad but really getting up into the afternoon.

Monday afternoon Credit: ITV Central

Rain transfers eastwards throughout the day, but most of that precipitation will be taken out by the Welsh mountains, so sheltering us a little. One saving grace is that the winds are so strong that the rain will move through quickly and it should clear from the west by 6pm. Still some heavy bursts though later in the evening, but it should be dry everywhere by 9pm.

Tonight should be mostly clear but Tuesday will be cloudy and wet. We're talking moderate to light rain, annoying rain, a grisly day with strong winds. We will be in a broad warm sector so temps will settle in double figures, 12 degrees Celsius as opposed to the seasonal average of six or seven degrees Celsius.

Weather for the beginning of the week Credit: ITV Central

Wednesday, sunny spells and a few showers, not too bad.

Thursday, similar but a feature could develop giving us more organised rain. A questionmark over Thursday, so more on that nearer the time.

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