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Wet and windy

Showing the Low Pressure and tightly packed icobars illustrating the strong wind

The unsettled theme continues this week with Low Pressure in control of our weather. The Low Pressure is moving north and responsible for various weather fronts heading our way and a strong wind.

Today rain is moving through the region from the south and west, it will be windy too but feeling mild compared to the freezing temperatures last week. Expect highs of 12/13c. The rain will ease a little late afternoon but it will still be cloudy and damp.

Show the rain moving through from the south-west today

Tonight another weather front will make headway this time from the north bringing more rain. The heaviest of that rain will be in southern counties. Temperatures will hold up above freezing so expect a frost free night.

Tomorrow is looking much brighter with plenty of sunny spells on offer. There will be a few showers knocking around especially through the morning but at least with the sunshine it will feel pleasant. We keep hold of strong winds though. Temperatures tomorrow will top 10c.

Thursday will bring us sunshine and showers. Friday will be cloudy with occasional rain and then as the wind swings around to a northerly direction Saturday looks much colder!

Weather for the end of the week

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