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Fear for Midlands family caught in Australian floods

The green roof is all that can bee seen of Tim's house after flooding forced them from their home Photo:

A father from Staffordshire says he's worried about his son's family, after floods swept through the region in Australia, where they now live.

Tim Dash, 24, moved from the Midlands to Queensland a few years ago. He has a fiance and a two-year-old son.

A severe flood hit their home town of Bundaberg last weekend, forcing them to evacuate.

The first signs of the flooding appeared in the back garden

The family watched as flood water slowly began to rise, firstly as puddles in the back garden, then entering their home, before rising to the point that only the roof of the property was visible.

Tim and his family were then evacuated to a nearby centre, along with many others.

However, as the flooding worsened they were then evacuated again and had to take shelter in the home of a good samaritan.

Tim with his fiance Cait and son Jake

Tim's father, Brian Dash, who's a preacher, is setting up a fund for his family after 'they lost everything'.

As I gave my sermon on Sunday I didn't know whether my family were alive or dead. But I couldn't do anything I just had to carry on."

– Brian Dash
The family pets who Tim saved the lives of as the flooding worsened

Tim has since managed to make contact with his family to let them know they are all safe.

He sent the following in an email to his family, describing how he saved the lives of his two dogs.

No clue what will happen yet, but we will get through this, I wasn't letting Peggy die, Charlie was fine and I swam to get Peggy to us and a big palm leaf swept our way.

I held that and put the dogs on itm and held the tree with the other hand and just shouted for help and waited, comforting the dogs.

Scary - but I was not gonna let any of us die.

No clue what will happen yet, but we will get through this."

– An email from Tim to his family in the UK
An aerial view shows the extent of the flooding with Tim's house circled top left

Ex-tropical cyclone Oswald has brought widespread flooding and strong winds to eastern Australia.

A swathe of Queensland has been battered by gales and tornadic winds, as torrential rain and thunderstorms swept in.

Bundaberg, which lies north of Brisbane, has seen the worst of the flooding so far, where the local Burnett river has burst its banks.

Evacuations are in effect around the Brisbane area, and many homes are without power.

As the remnants of cyclone Oswald sank southwards into New South Wales, the Gold Coast area received more than a metre of rainfall in 24 hours, along with huge, damaging 10-metre high waves off shore in unusually high tides.

A town in Queensland has been left covered in foam following a tropical storm

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