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'I have been ripped off by a drug dealer,' Seven of the worst emergency calls received

Seven of the worst emergency service calls can be found here Photo: PA
  • ''The Chinese takeaway I ordered is 45 minutes late. I want you to prosecute the takeaway for ripping me off.''
  • Bernadette Music from Ohio phoned the police one night to ask for a date. 'I look healthy...I weigh 120 pounds' she said. She was arrested later that day for urinating in a building.
  • A 15 year-old girl from Florida phoned emergency services to report 'loud love-making' from her mother with her partner next door. Upon arrival, the girl told police that she wanted to be taken to a local Christian children’s shelter as she felt 'disrespected.'
  • Emergency services in South Wales fielded a call from someone concerned about a bright stationary object in the sky. It turned out to be the moon. The full transcript can be found here.
  • A man from South Carolina called to make a complaint that he had been ripped off by a trader. It just happened to turn out that this trader was a drug dealer who had supplied $20 worth of crack cocaine for 460 pay.
  • A woman from British Columbia called to complain of 'excessive noises' being made from her toilet. Police arrived to inspect and a man answered their knocks. He explained he had been merely 'enjoying his morning constitutional.'
  • A woman phoned the police to report a drink driver. When emergency services asked for a description she responded 'no I am them.' Full audio can be found here.