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Residents charged to use garden gates in Ibstock will 'refuse to pay'

Householders living on a road in Ibstock, Leicestershire, are up in arms after being told by the council they have to pay up to £90 a year to use their back garden gates.

People living on Leicester Road have received notices of the charge from North West Leicestershire District Council to use a strip of land behind their homes to access their back gardens.

One resident affected by the new charges says she's been told she will have to pay £20 a year to put her bin out of her back gate once a week.

Every Thursday, Marina Woodward, of Central Avenue, Ibstock, leaves her wheelie bin on the area of council-owned land behind her garden.

I don't see why we should have to pay £20 for a minute out and a minute back in.

– Marina Woodward, of Central Avenue

Two Ibstock ward councillors are challenging the new fees introduced by North West Leicestershire District Council. In the meantime, some residents say they will refuse to pay.

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